Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition




Authorize more users to access your Windows Server 2003! Now you have the choice of licensing users or devices. This client pack is licensed per user. This is a 5-pack of per-User Client Access Licenses (CALs) for Windows Server 2003 or earlier. A User client will cover a particular user’s access to the server software from work PCs and laptops as well as from home PCs PDAs Internet kiosks and other devices. Per-User vs. per-Device: purchasing a Windows User client might make more sense if your company has a need for employees to have roaming access using multiple devices. Windows Device clients may make more sense if your company has multiple-shift workers who share devices.

Product Features

Provides powerful networking for small businesses and departments
Flexible management / Advanced file and printer sharing
Integrated application services and Web services
Creates a dependable server infrastructure / Easy to use Server Operating System
Five (5) Microsoft Windows Client access licences for devices and/or users

System Requirements

Computer and processor 133-MHz processor required; 550-MHz recommended; up to eight processors supported on one server
Memory 128 MB of RAM minimum required; 256 MB or more recommended; 64 GB maximum for x86-based computers; 2 TB maximum for x64 and ia64 computers
Hard disk 1.2 GB for network install; 2.9 GB for CD install
Drive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Display VGA or hardware that supports console redirection required; Super VGA supporting 800 x 600 or higher-resolution monitor recommended


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