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Microsoft Windows XP is the first operating system coming from Redmond to combine the advantages of the Windows NT core with the ease of use and flexibility of the Windows 9x series. Basically we can state that Windows XP is the fusion of the best of two worlds: Windows 2000 & Windows Me. After years of promising, Microsoft finally did it: Windows 9x is condemned to death (although itll be supported until 2003) so home users now have access to the unprecedented reliability of the NT engine. Windows XP has made the news so much since it’s inception it’s hard not to want to be apart of the Windows eXPerience. Windows XP was internally referred by Microsoft as Neptune at first and later renamed Whistler before finally becoming ‘XP? After several years of intensive development Microsoft has probably released the most ambitious version of Windows yet – similar to what Windows 95 was to Windows 3.1. Windows XP will surely mark computing history while OEM and system integrators expect it to boost sales in these economic troubling days. Microsoft Windows XP is available in two different flavors: the Home and Professional editions. Windows XP Home sets a new standard for performance and reliability. If you demand the most from your operating system, this version of Windows was designed for you.Windows XP Home  gives you the freedom to experience more than you ever thought possible with your computer and the Internet. This is the operating system home users have been waiting for – because it offers serious speed and serious stability, so you can have serious fun.

Product Features:

More simplicity more stability.
Includes minor but critical updates.
Number of new functions included to enhance the experience.
WiFi protected access has been updated.
More secure surfing assured.
Few Vista features backported in this version.
Black hole router detection has been turned ON by default.

System Requirements

Computer and Processor PENTIUM 300 MHz OR LATER
Hard disk
Display 800 x 600 or higher resolution monitor


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