Microsoft Access 2010 Full Version



    • Revamped Macro Designer makes it much simpler for you to quickly create macros from scratch


    • Create, edit, and manage conditional formatting rules in one centralized view


    • Out-of-the box templates and one-click app creation make Access 2010 a fast, simple, and cost-effective database solution


    • Powerful tools enable you to reduce errors, spend less time memorizing expression names and syntax, and spend more time focusing on building application logic


    • Simplified Expression Builder makes it faster and easier for you to build out logic and expressions in your database


    • New Backstage view lets you check your database for web compatibility, define table relationships, set a password to open your database, and more, all from one location


    • Data caching helps ensure that changes made to applications and data while you’re offline—including line-of-business information—are automatically synchronized when a connection is restored


    • Save time and effort by using pre-built database components in your database—simultaneously add a group of related fields, such as Address, City, State, Country, and Zip, to your table in just a few clicks


    • Multilingual users can easily access a single dialog box where preferences can be set for editing, display, ScreenTip, and Help languages


    • Make it easier for your IT department to manage, backup, and audit databases by using SharePoint Server for advanced security, central data administration, and management


    • Use Access Services to help simplify governance, data manageability, and discoverability of information for IT professionals


System Requirements

Computer and Processor 500 MHz or faster
Hard disk
2 GB
Display 1024×576 or higher
Drive CD-ROM
Operating system Windows 7, Vista with SP1, XP with SP3 (32-bit only), Server 2008, or Server 2003 R2 with MSXML 6.0
Memory 256 MB or more


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